Wish You Were Here 你|妳 與我同在, Taiwan 2015 Artwork by Martin Hsu

By Martin | Published: October 21, 2015
Wish You Were Here 你|妳 與我同在, Taiwan 2015 Edition

New series of original artwork made during my 2-month stay here in Taiwan- a fun way to document my trips abroad with favorite treats, and to be collected for those here in spirit.

Limited to 10 pcs of individually different local snacks: mango shaved ice, bubble milk tea, pineapple cakes… etc.

All inquiries please email martinhsuart(at)gmail

martin hsu taiwan ice cream
 (black sesame ice cream / *sold)

Each goodie pack ($150) also includes toys, postcards and sweets I’ve personally collected just for you:

– 1 original Martin + Taiwan black bear cub artwork / small hand-written note on back / signed
– 1 “Schools” official show postcard / signed
– 1 random “capsule toy” I’ve been collecting from local convenience stores
– 1 Taiwan black bear postcard from Eslite Bookstore / hand-written note by Martin
– 1 gudetama x morinaga Taiwan exclusive magnetic figure + choco snacks
? Surprise ?

Wish you were here…

martin hsu taiwan pineapple cakes

(pineapple cakes / *sold)

martin hsu taiwan kfc egg tart

(KFC Portuguese egg tart / *sold)

martin hsu taiwan beard papa cream puff

(custard cream puff / Beard Papa)

martin hsu taiwan black sesame mochi

(black sesame mochi)

martin hsu taiwan custard taiyaki

(taiyaki / *sold)

martin hsu taiwan mango shaved ice

(mango shaved ice with panna cotta / *sold)

martin hsu taiwan matcha ice cream

(matcha ice cream with mochi / Tsujiri / *sold )

martin hsu taiwan mister donut

(Pon de Ring donut / Mister Donut / *sold)

martin hsu taiwan pearl milk tea

(bubble milk tea / *sold)


(Japanese egg roll / Japan 2015 / $80)

Personally selected gifts to be included in Wish You Were Here goodie packs:

Gudetama x Morinaga blind boxes

– each contains 1 of 6 gudetama figures (magnetic) and choco balls

– exclusively available at convenience stores in Taiwan

sanrio gudetama toy taiwan martin hsu

“Schools” official exhibition postcard / signed

martin hsu taiwan artshow goldfish mermaids

Capsule Toys  / blind box

capsule toys taiwan

Taiwan Black Bear postcards

– hand-written greetings by Martin / signed

– 10% proceeds to benefit Taiwan Black Bear conservation

taiwan black bear postcard

Sentimental surprise in glass bottles :)

So I saved pieces of wood chips from the floor while banging away with my carving knife on my first ever wooden sculpture… brought them back and stored each piece inside a small glass bottle to be included in the “Wish You Were Here” memento goodie packs from Taiwan… because I’m a sentimental fool, and because I can’t be the only one out there~

martin hsu taiwan gudetama art


Protected: Martin Hsu Solo Exhibition “Schools 魚群” Artwork, Galerie F&F, Taipei, Taiwan

By Martin | Published: October 5, 2015

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Martin Hsu Wood Carving Journal, Taiwan 2015

By Martin | Published: September 12, 2015

Hello friends!

Excited to head back to school in Taiwan for the first time starting Sept. 15th, 2015 at the National Taiwan University of the Arts.

I’ll be diving into an intensive Traditional Wood Carving program for 2 months.


Personal Objectives:

• to live and practice as a working artist in Asia

• to gain new techniques in traditional wood carving to create New Traditional Art for future exhibitions

• to finish the program with ONE FINISHED WORK

Day 1 – 9/15/15

Day 1 of my wood carving class at the National University of the Arts in Taiwan! Meet my new friends made of pure obsidian from Mordor. Being instructed on best way to sharpen these beauties by our profession Lai who studied years in Japan and Europe. Lastly, I’m feeling like an old man being among 20 year olds in my class!

Day 2 – 9/17/15

All set up to start hand-sharpening my beauties! An array of 9 different types and sizes of wood carving knives. Each required a different approach in producing the best result. Lots of cuts and blisters on my boney figures later, I left the class with 2 sharp knives that are ready to cut just about anything!

The wood carving class takes place in an old building as part of the Craft Village next to the main campus. Apparently, the government used to print money here!

Our class shares the space with grad students working on pieces for exhibitions. Inspiring and very helpful to have these guys around.


Upcoming Solo Exhibition:

Schools 魚群
Oct 10 – Oct 30, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct 10th, 3 – 6p
Galerie F&F, Taipei, Taiwan

See Artist Statement, Work In Progress, Show Info here


Martin Hsu Solo Exhibition October 10th 2015, Galerie F & F in Taipei, Taiwan

By Martin | Published: August 28, 2015

魚群 Schools

A solo exhibition by Martin Hsu 徐鈺樺

Galerie F&F | 10/10/2015 – 10/30/2015

Taipei, Taiwan

*Request for VIP Art Preview: email

Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 10th, 2015, 3 – 6p

Artist Statement:

Schools 魚群 is my humble attempt to create New Traditional Asian Art. Inspired by Nihonga (classic Japanese art), Taiwanese floral fabric, and Hayao Miyazaki.  These new works fuse Eastern techniques and sensibility with Western subject matter.

The goldfish, once highly regarded for their metallic scales, are symbols of good fortune and prosperity. Coincidentally, the word “fish” sounds exactly like “abundance” in the Chinese language. As the auspicious proverb suggests: 年年有餘, or “In abundance year after year” is always accompanied by an image of fish.

Goldfish mermaids represent beauty of all types, and pay respect to the great maternal spirits in our lives. They are symbols of beautiful blessings in abundance, and well-wishes traveling beyond time and space; wiggling their little tails in pursuit of peace and happiness.

Depicting mermaids as ballerinas dancing between flowers, the triptych Peonies and Ballerinas pays homage to the famous Chinese painting 九如圖: Scene of Nine Koi Fish. The ladies surrounded by thin layers of waving leaves and falling petals remind us of those we miss. Mighty peony blossoms covered in freckles and wrinkles represent strength and wisdom in those we remember. In other paintings they’re portrayed as solar flares, glistening moonlight, and shooting stars; all part of the brilliance and transience of life.

Lastly, Schools 魚群 is a personal dedication to family, friends, and all of those who chose to swim along side with me. Your support from near and from afar keeps me afloat, and gives me the strength to move upstream against strong currents. My sincere gratitude for being in the same schools as you.

Tradition matters, love rules,


「Schools 魚群」是旅美台裔藝術家徐鈺華(Martin Hsu)多年來受到日本畫、台灣花布以及日本動畫大師宮崎駿的薰陶與啟發,懷抱著虛懷若谷的心,希望透過他的創作樹立「亞洲新傳統藝術」。 「The Goldfish金魚」 金魚的身上透著金光的鱗片,一直被視為福氣和富貴的象徵。而「魚」與「餘」也由於中文讀音上的諧音,在中國新年的團圓菜色或圖文符號裡,以「魚」作為「年年有餘」的代言。

「Goldfish mermaids 金鱗美人魚」 在藝術家徐鈺華的創作中,金鱗美人魚被闡釋為人間之美的具象,同時透過牠們對偉大的母愛致敬。金鱗美人魚飄逸的長尾擺動,蘊含著Martin對人們在不同的時空裡尋覓寧靜和幸福的生命之旅,所獻上的滿滿祝福。

主視覺三聯幅作品「九如圖」 美人魚們如芭蕾女伶一般穿梭牡丹花叢中,自在悠遊於橫跨三聯幅的畫面空間裡,是藝術家重新詮釋古典名畫「九如圖」的致敬之作 (古典名畫九如圖中為九條錦鯉的戲水之姿)。美人魚們被婆娑的綠葉圍繞,繽紛飄落的花瓣彷似生命中那些被我們被遺忘的點點滴滴,而高貴牡丹花上的斑紋與肌理承載了時光歲月裡人們累積的智慧與力量。在其他展出作品中,這些元素更化身為耀眼的陽光、閃閃的月光或乍現的流星,訴說著生命雖短暫,但生命絢爛多姿,因充滿著無限的可能而偉大。

最終,今年度藝術家徐鈺華個展的展覽主題「Schools 魚群」更是他獻給家人、朋友及所有生命旅伴們的展覽,希望透過本次個展對所有人表達他滿懷的感激之情。無論大家是否在他的身邊,不論實質上或精神上一路給予Martin支持,這些力量都是他在藝術的路上能夠急流湧進、力爭上游、不斷自我提升前進的能量和助力。希望未來的創作之路能與大家繼續同「游」、同「流」,如同魚群一般緊緊相依,共同體驗生命,面對生命不同各個階段的挑戰。

Artist Profile:

台灣出生的徐鈺樺 Martin Hsu現定居舊金山,10幾年來全心投入深具個人特色的藝術創作,可以說是現在美國西岸最為活躍的亞洲藝術家之一。自大學攻讀動畫學位畢業後, 馬丁曾為迪士電視動畫和 Nickelodeon擔任專業角色設計師。除此之外他還曾擔任各式兒童出版品及博物館展覽活動的插畫家。目前也正逐步擴展自己的藝術生涯規畫,在全美各式藝廊活動中嶄露頭角,一些主流展覽中都可見到他的作品,包括三麗鷗的 50 周年紀念展、Hello Kitty 35週年紀念展及40週年紀念展覽、迪士尼的 Wonder Ground 畫廊等。最近幾年,徐鈺華深受東方傳統藝術的感動並投入創作獨具個人色彩的亞洲新傳統藝術。其創作靈感取材於自身融合東、西方的生命旅程與文化背景。往後他還是會持續拓展探究藝術裡的傳統技藝並結合當代思潮於他的創作中。期望透過他的藝術能帶給觀者幸福喜悅及心靈上的靜謐祥和。

Work In Progress:


martin hsu art


Modern Fairy Tales Artwork by Martin Hsu

By Martin | Published: August 4, 2015

“Modern Fairy Tales”

New series of artwork for those who believe in fairy tales in the modern world.

Limited to 10 original graphite & acrylic pieces, each individually different based on our favorite stories.

Email to be added to pre-sale list going out Thursday, 8/6.15. Public release this Friday, 8/7/15.

Do you believe? Stay tuned for all artwork.

All framed up!


Goldfish Mermaid Paintings for Ever Surreal by Martin Hsu

By Martin | Published: July 28, 2015

Are you Ever Surreal?

Ever Surreal

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 1st, 2015 6:30 – 9:30pm

Flower Pepper Gallery

Exhibition: August 1st – September 1st, 2015


Andrew Brandou, Casey Weldon, Jeong Woo-jae, Jeremiah Ketner

Leila Ataya, Martin Hsu, Naoto Hattori, Nicole Bruckman

New works by Martin Hsu

Inspired by traditional Japanese lacquerware

“I hope these new paintings bring you joy and some peace of mind”- Martin


acrylic and cel vinyl on maple

8″ round wood panel / $800 / Buy Painting


acrylic and cel vinyl on maple

8″ round wood panel / $800 / Buy Painting


acrylic and cel vinyl on maple

8″ round wood panel / $800 / SOLD


acrylic and cel vinyl on maple

8″ round wood panel / $800 / SOLD


acrylic and cel vinyl on maple

16″ round wood panel / $2000 / SOLD


Martin Hsu Swedish Dala “Promise” Horses

By Martin | Published: July 23, 2015

“Promise Horses”

Traditional Dala Horses carved in Sweden and hand-painted by yours truly.

Only got to make 3 horsies back in May this year.

Each piece has a different girl and boy on each side holding on to their promises.

All 3 pre-sold to private collectors.

Nice to know these promises will be kept as part of their collections.

Hoping to get some time in the future to make more!

Photos by Bearo


San Diego Comic Con 2015 Martin Hsu Booth 4530 / SDCC Exclusives & More!

By Martin | Published: July 1, 2015

(click image to enlarge)


*Exclusively available for purchase at Martin Hsu booth 4530 at Comic Con 2015


Cream Puff 

hand-painted vinyl figures by Martin Hsu / limited edition of 2 pcs

$250 each / signed & dated

Jelly Puff 

hand-painted vinyl figures by Martin Hsu / limited edition of 2 pcs

$250 each / signed & dated

 Dragon Boy Blessings

11″ x 14″ print

professionally printed on 100 lb paper

$20 each / signed

Dragon Boy Thoughts

original painting / acrylic and cel vinyl on paper

5″ x 7″ / 8″ x 10″ matted and framed

$250 / signed

Dragon Boy Snacks

original painting / acrylic and cel vinyl on paper

5″ x 7″ / 8″ x 10″ matted and framed

$250 / signed

Dragon Dog Artist Series SDCC 2015

10 artists invited to create one-of-a-kind renditions of Dragon Dog Blacky

Choco Puff

Martin Hsu / $250

Lil’ Lion Girl

Brandon Dicks / $200

Forest Pup

Emma SanCartier / $250

Kung Fu Flower Girl Pup

Jerome Lu / $200


Yoskay Yamamoto / $300

Lil’ Greenie

Miss Mindy / $300


Mark Nagata / $300

Golden Pup

Jeremiah Ketner / $300

New Art for SDCC 2015

Mermaid Kitty paintings

8″ x 10″ acrylic and cel vinyl on wood

$350 each / ready to hang

Buy online here

Year of the Cat

6″ x 8″ acrylic and cel vinyl on wood original paintings

$250 each / ready to hang

Buy online here


hand-painted sofubi figures by Martin Hsu

produced by Mark Nagata

$200 each / signed

Buy online here

Android and Me

20″ x 20″ acrylic and cel vinyl on wood

one-of-a-kind original painting

$1200 / ready to hang

Buy online here

New Print for SDCC 2015

Ice Cream Kitty

11″ x 14″ print

professionally printed on 100 lb paper

$20 each / Buy online here

Edward Scissorhands

11″ x 14″ print

professionally printed on 100 lb paper

$20 each / Buy online here

Wild Things

11″ x 14″ print

professionally printed on 100 lb paper

$20 each / Buy online here


Honolulu Museum of Art- Contempo ArtShop Exhibition Artist Martin Hsu with Giant Robot

By Martin | Published: June 9, 2015

Honored to participate in Giant Robot’s exhibition at the Honolulu Museum of Art-

Contempo #ArtShop June 18th – 28th, 2015.

“See new work by local and international up-and-comers, mid-career trailblazers, and established masters, available for purchase at prices ranging from $100 to $50,000. Pick up an artwork or two. Make art part of your life.”

*All proceeds from Contempo #ArtShop support the Honolulu Museum of Art’s art education programs.


June 18th – 28th, 2015 / See Complete Art Schedule here

Saturday, June 20th- Giant Robot Day

• 11am Talk Shop: Meet Giant Robot’s Eric Nakamura and exhibiting artists
• 1pm: Drawing and painting demonstrations by Luke Chueh and Rob Sato
• 1pm: Docent tour


Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House

Martin Hsu Artwork:

Proud to present 2 new personal pieces-

Celebrating those who dare to dream

and personifying the fighting spirit


1. The Dreamer

Iris, 2015

16″ x 20″ / 21″ x 25″ custom framed

acrylic and cel vinyl on wood


(photo in sunlight)

(professional photo capture)


2. The Fighter

Betta, 2015

16″ x 20″ / 21″ x 25″ custom framed

acrylic and cel vinyl on wood


(photo in sunlight)

(photo in direct sunlight)

For all preview images, info and inquiries please email


Sweet Dreams…



Disney Tinker Bell Whispers Art Debut by Martin Hsu at WonderGround Gallery

By Martin | Published: April 30, 2015

When you wish upon a star…

Honored and excited to return to Disney’s WonderGround Gallery for a 5th time!

Debuting a brand new original painting- Tinker Bell Whispers

Tinker Bell Whispers

18″ x 24″ acrylic and cel vinyl on wood panel / custom framed

officially commissioned by Disney / 2015©Disney

All original painting inquiries please email

WonderGround Signing Event

Date: Saturday, May 9th, 2015

Time: 11a – 1p

Location: WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney® District

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Available Tinker Bell Merchandise

Framed giclee canvas prints / Limited Ed. 95

Deluxe matted prints & Postcards

To purchase:


Call- (877)560-6477

More info on Disney Parks Official Website!

Hope to see you there!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Currently Available at WonderGround Gallery

Lilo and Stitch’s Family Gathering

16″ x 20″ acrylic and cel vinyl on wood panel / custom framed

Officially commissioned by Disney / $2200

Available now: / (877)560-6477

Ariel’s Golden Wish

Framed giclee canvas / Limited Ed. 95 / Signed & Numbered / $350

Available now: / (877)560-6477

Mulan Takes Flight

Framed giclee canvas / Limited Ed. 95 / Signed & Numbered / $350

Available now: / (877)560-6477


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